Top Game Casinos Rogue, No Affiliate Payments Made

Top Game Casinos Rogue, No Affiliate Payments Made

Top Game Casinos Rogue, No Affiliate Payments Made

Top Game software launched their product for some of the most trusted online casinos across the market in the last couple of years. In the short time that Top Game has been in business, they have managed to bring controversy into the industry with their rogue practices. There are many online casinos powered by Top Game software, and it seems they may all be owned by the same company. Although, representatives strongly deny this; industry insiders know different. In 2009 it was reported that Yossi Goren, the former CEO of New NMH Ltd, took over as CEO of Top Game, although no official statements were made.

Things were thought to have turned around for the better for these Top Game casinos, but no such luck. Top Game continue to use a rogue business model to take what they want, and pick and choose who they pay, affiliates have been waiting months for payments, and their correspondence goes unanswered. Top Game casinos are so confident that there will be no repercussion for their actions; they do what they feel by scamming affiliates that refer them players’, essentially biting the hand that feeds them. If they are willing to do this to affiliates, they are more than willing to steal from the players.

This network of Top Game casinos also has a long history of slow-pay and no-pay with players, and use trickery in their terms and conditions. Additionally, most casinos using Top Game are known to use false licensing giving players a false sense of security, but it’s just another trick up their sleeve to lure in unsuspecting players. Their players often end up on messaging boards and forums filing complaints against these Top Game casinos. Some issues are resolved in the players’ favor, however; would they have been resolved if the player didn’t seek help from the online gaming community? There are most likely many other players that are unaware of the player advocates online, leaving them at the Top Game casinos mercy.

Although it is suspected that Top Game are all owned and operated by the same company, many of them use different affiliate programs. Black Lights Casino and Yes We Can use the Club Vegas Partner affiliate program, while Rich Casino and their sister casinos were a part of AffRevenue affiliate group. Jonathan, from Club Vegas Partner Affiliates, has been unresponsive regarding owed affiliate payments after numerous emails and correspondence sent.

All of Top Game casinos under AffRevenue were just taken over by RevenueGiants, which manages Winward online casino. Winward uses both Top Game and Parlay Entertainment software, but is also known for using misleading terms and conditions just like the others.

Players and affiliates should avoid these Top Game casinos at all cost. False promises, unpaid affiliates and players, false licensing information, unresponsive affiliate managers and customer service are reasons enough to stay away from Top Game casinos. These Top Game casinos are rogue on gaming portals across the internet, and it looks as if that won’t be changing any time soon.

The casinos using this Top Game are as follows: 21 Dukes, 50 States Casino, 7Reels, 7Spins, Aztec Casino, Black Lights Casino, Casino Crystal, Casino Moons, Casino Stars, Casino States, DiamondVIP Casino, Diceland Casino, Gold Vegas Casino, Mayflower Casino, Money Casino, Planet 23 Casino, Rialto Casino, Rich Casino, Rome Casino, Royal Kings Casino, Thebes Casino, Winward Casino, Vegas Casino 21, Yes We Can Casino. New Top Game casinos are also opened frequently. Our gambling blog provides the most accredited online casinos in the gaming industry that are honest, reliable, and most important the fastest payout.