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I am super excited to show off our oh so handy travel size Eau de Parfum collection!

I love these stylish perfumes for an effortless pick me up.  Do You ever get bored of using the same scent for months every single time? As much as I am loyal to my own favourites I do like to spice up my collection now and again.

Slip one or more of them in your handbag and feel utterly gorgeous and irresistible whether you are at work, behind the wheels or at a party. It works for me ;)! 

Our scent choices will be changing from time to time to add the the excitement.

To start I hand picked 4 of my favourites:
Sea Salt & Yuzu: cheerful, casual, uplifting.  Notes of juicy Tangerine, crisp Grapefruit mingling with ozonic notes of whispy waves and sea salt.

Fatima: misterious, sultry, spellbinding, spirited. Rich oriental & woody scent of oudh, patchouli, musk and leather with a touch of vanilla with notable hints of cardamon, of jasmin and lily.

Pomegranate: To the some of you already familiar Pomegranate is the sophisticated sexy choice. Luscious Pomegranate, sunny raspberry, and rich plum with notes of spicy pink pepper, and grounded in a base of patchouli and frankincense.
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Weight30 g
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Fatima, Nag Champa, Pomegranate, Sea Salt & Yuzu

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