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Top Game Casinos Rogue, No Affiliate Payments Made

Top Game Casinos Rogue, No Affiliate Payments Made

Top Game software launched their product for some of the most trusted online casinos across the market in the last couple of years. In the short time that Top Game has been in business, they have managed to bring controversy into the industry with their rogue practices. There are many online casinos powered by Top Game software, and it seems they may all be owned by the same company. Although, representatives strongly deny this; industry insiders know different. In 2009 it was reported that Yossi Goren, the former CEO of New NMH Ltd, took over as CEO of Top Game, although no official statements were made.

Things were thought to have turned around for the better for these Top Game casinos, but no such luck. Top Game continue to use a rogue business model to take what they want, and pick and choose who they pay, affiliates have been waiting months for payments, and their correspondence goes unanswered. Top Game casinos are so confident that there will be no repercussion for their actions; they do what they feel by scamming affiliates that refer them players’, essentially biting the hand that feeds them. If they are willing to do this to affiliates, they are more than willing to steal from the players.

This network of Top Game casinos also has a long history of slow-pay and no-pay with players, and use trickery in their terms and conditions. Additionally, most casinos using Top Game are known to use false licensing giving players a false sense of security, but it’s just another trick up their sleeve to lure in unsuspecting players. Their players often end up on messaging boards and forums filing complaints against these Top Game casinos. Some issues are resolved in the players’ favor, however; would they have been resolved if the player didn’t seek help from the online gaming community? There are most likely many other players that are unaware of the player advocates online, leaving them at the Top Game casinos mercy.

Although it is suspected that Top Game are all owned and operated by the same company, many of them use different affiliate programs. Black Lights Casino and Yes We Can use the Club Vegas Partner affiliate program, while Rich Casino and their sister casinos were a part of AffRevenue affiliate group. Jonathan, from Club Vegas Partner Affiliates, has been unresponsive regarding owed affiliate payments after numerous emails and correspondence sent.

All of Top Game casinos under AffRevenue were just taken over by RevenueGiants, which manages Winward online casino. Winward uses both Top Game and Parlay Entertainment software, but is also known for using misleading terms and conditions just like the others.

Players and affiliates should avoid these Top Game casinos at all cost. False promises, unpaid affiliates and players, false licensing information, unresponsive affiliate managers and customer service are reasons enough to stay away from Top Game casinos. These Top Game casinos are rogue on gaming portals across the internet, and it looks as if that won’t be changing any time soon.

The casinos using this Top Game are as follows: 21 Dukes, 50 States Casino, 7Reels, 7Spins, Aztec Casino, Black Lights Casino, Casino Crystal, Casino Moons, Casino Stars, Casino States, DiamondVIP Casino, Diceland Casino, Gold Vegas Casino, Mayflower Casino, Money Casino, Planet 23 Casino, Rialto Casino, Rich Casino, Rome Casino, Royal Kings Casino, Thebes Casino, Winward Casino, Vegas Casino 21, Yes We Can Casino. New Top Game casinos are also opened frequently. Our gambling blog provides the most accredited online casinos in the gaming industry that are honest, reliable, and most important the fastest payout.

The Wonders of Casino Affiliate Programs

The Wonders of Casino Affiliate Programs

The growing popularity of online casinos still doesn’t equate to success for every single online casino operator. Quite the contrary, actually, since online casinos are now clamoring and competing for the attention and loyalty of players, as more casinos are being created. Everyday, a number of online casinos are still being launched. As more online casinos start operating, the need to succeed becomes even more extreme and the road to it even more challenging. Online casino operators, therefore, are trying to find more ways to stay afloat, and they can only do this by being visited. Casino operators consider the quest of luring more visitors and players a worthy investment, and we can see these in all the bonuses they are willing to give. Although online casinos may be a gaming world, the fact that it is still online makes it vulnerable to traffic needs.

It was for that reason that Casino Affiliate Programs started out. Casino Affiliate Programs is yet another ingenious way to make money off the Internet. This is when webmasters partner with operators of online casinos to benefit from the popularity of online casinos with little or no investment at all. The casino operators, on the other hand, also benefit by the assurance that their sites are getting visited. Here’s how Casino Affiliate Programs work.

Casino Affiliate Programs are composed of the online casino operators. There are a lot of online casino operators, and there are also a lot of Casino Affiliate Programs out there. Webmasters can choose from all these programs to see which one they want to join. By joining a Casino Affiliate Program, the webmaster will then have to post or display web ads such as links and banners on their websites. Some affiliate programs also provide access to live games so website visitors can try the games out. The idea is to make the visitors of the websites visit the online casinos. For every visitor you push to the online casinos who successfully completes registration as a player, you will get a percentage out of their net income from playing. The players will be tracked and recognized as your referral if they follow the link from your website.

When it comes to joining Casino Affiliate Programs, we are not talking about one-time payments. The income that webmasters will get from their referred player is on a continuous and regular monthly basis, and goes for as long as the player is a casino player and is actively playing. Just imagine getting money from every player who clicks your ads and signs up with the online casinos, and without any effort from your part. This is why a lot of webmasters are maximizing their websites’ money-making abilities and are joining Casino Affiliate Programs. Some webmasters even join more than one Casino Affiliate Program to truly maximize the potential of this money-making opportunity.

On the side of the online casino operators, they are benefited through the membership of the players alone. By participating in Casino Affiliate Programs as an online casino operator, it’s like building an army who can go out and do the hard work for you by advertising your site and getting people to visit and sign up.

The benefits work both ways. Both parties are generously provided with a lot of benefits, and this is one of the reasons why Casino Affiliate Programs are very successful and popular in the Internet gaming world nowadays. If you are an online casino operator, or a webmaster, start choosing your Casino Affiliate Program now!

The No Deposit Bonus

The No Deposit Bonus

The no deposit bonus is among the most preferred bonuses at an online casino. There is heaps of opposition between online casinos and they use bonuses as a means to attract new customers to their websites. Not all online casinos provide a no deposit bonus, but those that do are extremely well-liked.

What is a No Deposit Bonuses?

A no deposit bonus is a bonus that is presented to a new client of the casino prior to when they put funds into their recently established online casino account. In other words, it is a bonus that you are awarded without you having to use up any of your bankroll.

How to Use a No Deposit Bonus?

To be suitable for a no deposit bonus you must be a new customer of the casino. You are only eligible for the no deposit bonus if you have not up to now made a deposit into your new casino account. Prior to when you make a deposit you can redeem the bonus. If it is needed, enter the bonus code into the accurate place for the no deposit bonus. This bonus can be made use of to gamble on games at the casino and bettors can withdraw their payouts as soon as they have completed the wagering requirements of the bonus.

Advantages of Using a No Deposit Casino Bonuses

There are numerous advantages to applying a no deposit bonus at an online casino and these are what cause to make the bonus so sought after. The aim of the bonus is to allow new players to check out the casino and its games without risking any of your own bankroll doing it. Trying out online casinos can become pricey experience if you are required to use up part of your bankroll at all casinos that you register at. You could end up that when you have after some time discovered the casino that draws you, that you have no remaining bankroll left with which to game. The no deposit bonus makes way for you to trial as many no deposit casinos as you find without spending any of your bankroll at any stage.

The most worthwhile component of the no deposit bonus is that, different to fun gambling, you are wagering with bona fide bets. This means that, on condition that you complete the wagering conditions of the bonus, you are able to keep the entire prize money you earn while betting with the bonus money. The no deposit bonus can be a worthwhile enhancement to your bankroll to get you going playing at a unused casino.

Play Casino As That’s a Splendid Possibility to Become a Lucky Person

Play Casino As That’s a Splendid Possibility to Become a Lucky Person

If you don’t know exactly how to vary your own dull lifestyle so don’t waste your own free time for seeking for amusements as the net could present you a wonderful chance to play casino. When you’re prepared for turning your everyday life into firecracker blazes, when you desire to feel games of chance, to taste danger on your lips without getting out of your house then find Internet websites and begin to play casino online where you’ll play with imposing men along with beatiful women who have their free time in the place of wonderful interior and of course have huge spleuchans with high money.

Nearly every online site can give you to play casino for money, but additionally most of websites offer you an opportunity to become acquainted with the casino plays and also to disport for funny money. Obvious features of free casino plays are actually the following: you won’t make afraid of losses and also disport all casino gambles for pleasure; in addition, it’s very helpful to game for unreal money because you may learn different laws of any games and obtain experience. If you understand that you have experience then disport casino gambles for real money since that may give you a possibility to feel more confident and furthermore you may catch the odour of real banknotes. Most likely, you dream about a pleasure car in which you can drive around the fabulous world together with attractive girls if you are man and if you are woman then we do not wonder when you need to get good money in any virtual casino to expend it on gorgeous dresses together with jewelry to make any gentleman to fall at your feet. Use your extra time gambling casino games online in your house in which you can easily rest, take a favorite cup of crimson tea and play your favorite casino gambles.

Do you consider that online casino can’t replace a real gaming house? Then it is lie, for online world doesn’t have any limitations of time and space and that can give you all the sounds along with odours of ordinary gaming house; moreover you could talk to many different gamblers and play with living dealers. It is not important which outfits you’ll get on and also what temper you have since virtual casino is actually an amusement that you can delight in at home and you will not adjust to any person. Casino gambling is actually a type of entertainments that thinks of its customers and that’s why attempts to pick their interest in disporting various casino games; in addition, that tries to give you the chance to disport all variants of gambles to your liking. In every virtual casino you’ll neglect all the difficulties that may disturb you in a true world and also you can experience outstanding sensations of excitement and also hear cheers of gamers who could quiet grudge you if you take a jackpot.

Have we proved you that internet casino is the opportunity to turn into wealthy and joyful? Then the world of internet casino games is undoubtedly looking for you together with your close friends and if you attempt to play these gambles you’ll comprehend the rules and also strategies of any internet gamble!

Blackjack Table Rules

Blackjack Table Rules

The best thing about blackjack online is that you can play with feature of your own privacy and comfort which was not possible with offline mode. One more thing, if you pick online mode then you may enjoy various amazing features which is not possible with live casinos such as play without physical tiredness, no time restrictions, no need to dress up, learn things first then initiate games, free casino bonus availability and so on. When you choose live playing option, things are little different as compared to online mode. So, few things you must aware with to make yourself escape with uncomfortable situations playing against live blackjack dealers.

Don’t touch the cards:

Generally, when you pick blackjack as your game to play there are very less casinos who’ll allow you to touch the cards. Most of the casinos, don’t allow the blackjack players to touch the cards until placed by the dealers on the tables. Even, if anyone dares to touch the cards they consider this sort of act as the security menace for their casino.

Put new bet beside the existing wage: It is very frequent, when anyone wants to double down will insert the novel stake to the old one. This step considers a big security hazard for the casino. Thus, in its place casino player should put forward the new stake beside the old one so the blackjack dealer can authenticate the amounts comfortably.

Stop commenting on others at blackjack table: Criticizing other players is very simple and common too. Always remember, you must concentrate on your playing skills, ideas and attention instead of criticizing others playing method and stop advising them without their concerns.  Commenting will not lead you towards success but it may definitely create lots of new enemies.

Drinking must be avoided: Don’t play if you are not in senses means drunk a lot. Extreme drinking weakens your decision-making aptitude and frequently makes the player unable to take the right decision related to blackjack table rules.  In addition, poor performance, unwanted behavior and lose is surely guaranteed.