Product Description

We combined Epsom & Sea Salts with the beautiful blend of Egyptian Rose Geranium, Litsea Cubeba and Ylang Ylang Essential Oils to give you a sensual-yet refreshing, stimulating and uplifting bath.

Happy memories of Lemon Sherbet sweets, and tropical flowers to chase away those winter blues!

  • Did You Know? Epsom salt is widely cherished and used as a treatment for sore muscles, joint pain, arthritis and skin disorders. A home remedy for generations, Epsom foot soaks are believed to relieve aches and pains, decrease inflammation, improve circulation, and soften and deodorize the feet.
  • Don’t have a bath? No worries! Just fill up a small tub with hot water and dissolve a handful of our salts. Even better: mix a little bit of Sunflower/Olive Oil or even your favourite lotion with a handful of the salts and give those cracked heels and tired feet a good exfoliation and soak!

300 g/ bottle